A page for us to remember our best memories during our sojourn in Salatiga, and specifically within the broader community of Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana.

Djunaedi Hadiwidjaja (angkatan 1968)

We entered Satya Wacana to gain a degree, a diploma for our future working life, but we walked out with much more than that. We met people from all over Indonesia, we became friends with them, and in no small ways, we are forever changed by these interactions.

We were supported by our lecturers within the Fakultas Teknik Jurusan Elektro and blessed by our fellowships with other students and Faculty members in this Christian University.

In my own case, I remember fondly my time working in the old 'Perpustakaan' building, assisting pak Towa (the late Drs. Towa Hamakonda, MLS) and his wife, learning the intricacies of the Dewey decimal classification system from him.

Djunaedi Hadiwidjaja (author)
Djunaedi Hadiwidjaja (author), class of 1968

Fred van Emmerik
Fred van Emmerik (pak Emmerik) in 1975, image sourced from his memoirs

In Memoriam: Rev Fred van Emmerik

Sadly, our beloved Mentor and founder of the faculty, Rev Fred van Emmerik passed away on October 10, 2010 in his house at Essendon, Victoria.

Eulogy at his Thanksgiving service (by Burhan Kristianto, angkatan 1968)

Brothers and sisters in Christ,

It is an honour for me that Noelle and her family have given me the opportunity to speak here. My name is Burhan Kristianto; I was one of Fred’s students at Satya Wacana, one of the first 50 students in the new Faculty of Electrical Engineering, founded by Fred in 1968. It was such a long time ago.

Before preparing this eulogy, I wrote an email to my friends within the FTE-Seniors group mailing list, asking if they also want to give a tribute to Fred. Here are some comments from them:

  • Pak Emmerik was a very kind man, always smiling, never angry, humble.
  • Pak Emmerik was very much dedicated to his job, a hard worker, able to carry out multifunction jobs, Lecturer, the Head of the Faculty and Administrator.
  • Pak Emmerik read a few verses from the Bible before giving lectures.
  • One friend who received a scholarship said, I just realised now that the scholarship was not from Satya Wacana University but must be from Pak Emmerik’s own pocket, because I do not remember signing a receipt or any documents. And he was not the only one, he reckoned.

Brothers and sisters, I can not imagine how difficult it is for somebody to start a new faculty with limited language knowledge in a foreign country. It was only possible because it was Fred.

At that time, Fred oversaw the community need for a faculty of electrical engineering at tertiary education level. At that time there were only a handful engineering faculties in Indonesia.

He set up the policy, managed the strategy and led the day by day operation.

And now, 40 years later, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of Satya Wacana University is one of the best electrical engineering faculties in Indonesia.

For Noelle, Eleanor, Steve and all family members, you must be so proud to have such a good husband, father, father-in-law, and grandfather who was not only a bright but also so kind and humble person like Fred. He was a GREAT man.

Some 50 - 60 students from year 1968 – 1972 are currently preparing a Reunion next year in May 2011.

I would say that it will be awesome if Noelle, Eleanore, Steve or any family member can attend the reunion. Not only would it be greatly appreciated by all of us, but also an opportunity for you to visit Fred’s birth place because it will be conducted in Salib Putih, and we will also revisit the town of Salatiga and the Satya Wacana University.

Thank you very much for the time and may God bless us.

Fred's memoirs, via Stephen van Emmerik's blog.

Professor Ir. F. Soesianto Poerwosoehardjo

Prof. Ir. F. Soesianto Poerwosoehardjo, one of the lecturers recruited to teach in FTJE, sadly passed away in 2010. The remembrance page can be found at Universitas Gadjah Mada.